Miami Philharmonic Orchestra

Under the Direction of Maestro Alberto Bade

A Modern Orchestral Experience

The Miami Phil is here to build community and spread the beauty and orchestral music to audiences in South Florida and around the world. Our goal is to bring powerful and impactful programs with talented professional musicians to existing fans as well as the new generation of music lover.

Maestro Alberto Bade conducts the New World + MDC Orchestras Side by Side1 S

Meet The Maestro

Maestro Alberto Bade has established an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally in recent years. His charismatic stage presence and powerful interpretations of a wide repertoire have elevated him to a place of privilege within the musical community. Recognized for his dynamic style, drive, and musical passion, Maestro Bade continues to attract international attention as one of the most outstanding young conductors working in the United States today.

Achieving Greatness through Music...

Orchestral music is an important part of the cultural fabric of any community. It can bring people of all ages together and create a shared experience, even among those who are not familiar with the genre. Live orchestra performances can be a thrilling experience, even for someone who is not a classical music fan. And professional musicians often give back to their communities by providing free concerts as well as teaching classes. 


Classical music can help to foster a sense of pride in the community and its history. For example, many cities have orchestras that have been around for centuries and are an important part of the city’s identity. In short, classical music is an essential part of any community’s culture and should be celebrated as such.

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